Meeting Facilities

The bulk of the activities at the 14th SIRC will be held on Level 4 of the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, including the Conference Hall; Banquet Dining Rooms; Private Meeting Rooms; the bilateral meeting facilities in the Lloyd's Coffee House; as well as private meeting rooms and hospitality suites of participating companies. (see Conference floor plan below)

Level 4 Floor Plan
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These Conference facilities are located a good 15-minute walk from the hotel towers of Marina Bay Sands. Hence, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and delays, delegates and participating companies are strongly advised NOT to arrange their bilateral meetings at the hotel wing.

In response to feedback from delegates at the last Conference, the Organising Committee has implemented measures to ensure that all delegates and participating companies will have a pleasant and productive experience at the 14th SIRC, such as coordinating the booking of private meeting rooms on Level 4; setting up prominent meeting point markers and directional signs/maps along the foyer; and providing additional settees and cocktail tables in the common areas.

Participating companies that wish to have a more permanent venue for their bilateral meetings during the 14th SIRC may wish to consider booking a private meeting room or a meeting table in the Lloyd’s Coffee House on Level 4. You can download the details of the various Meeting Room and Meeting Table packages below.

Meeting Packages

Companies that booked meeting tables

For enquiries, please contact the 14th SIRC Conference Secretariat at

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